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Thursday of the Twenty-Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

October 8, 2020

Readings: Letter of Saint Paul to the Galatians 3:1-5; Psalm (Luke) 1:69-70, 71-75;

Luke 11:5-13

Saint Paul preaching at Ephesusis by Eustache Le Sueur (1649)

In our first reading Saint Paul begins by asking us to re-examine what Christ’s crucifixion has meant to us. Jesus came to live among us. He preached about living a life following in the teachings and the examples, which were to be shared by all His listeners. He came and even died for us as an example of His faith in experiencing life based on God the Father's Divine Plan. By following these directives and by modeling the examples of Jesus, we should embrace our faith in Jesus Christ. In so doing, we do not rely solely on manmade laws as our guide.

The reading from Luke, Chapter 1 (today’s Psalm) is a reading of freedom and trust in God’s promise to us. With God in our lives we will be protected from harm and can count on God “coming through” for those who truly believe and trust in Him.

Friends, we need to be strong, to worship without reservation, and to share our trust in God with all the people in our lives. God will give us strength and guidance, today and in the future, just as He has in the past.

Question of the Day: How will you open your heart in order to receive what you really want and need, even if it’s not exactly what you think you want and need?

Prayer: Lord, help me to want Your reign in our world more that we want anything else. Amen.


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