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 “I came that you would have life and have it abundantly.”
—John 10:10

It's time to come back to the community. 

In a world where levels of depression, despair, and addiction are rising, we need more than clichés or positive thinking—we need hope.  And Walking with Purpose can help you find it. We invite you to join Walking with Purpose, where a woman’s faith and community intersect and hearts are transformed.


Walking with Purpose (WWP) is a faith community that supports, encourages, and challenges one another. It is a safe place where you will discover authentic friendships and meaningful discussions as your heart is transformed by the Word of God. It is everything you need to get back to living a life that you love. 

Are you ready to come back? God is ready and waiting for you to show up just as you are. He wants you to discover your purpose while connecting within a life-giving community. And God is not the only One waiting—We are, too. A full, abundant life awaits each of us, so come and grab a seat alongside other women who will encourage you to discover the rich fruits within you. 

Join us!

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WWP is pleased to offer

FOUR programs at SMM.


Sessions are in-person.


Tuesday Morning Series  •  9:30 AM

Begins October 5


Thursday Evening Series  •  7 PM

Begins October 10


We invite you to come as you

are to learn biblical solutions

to everyday challenges.


For more information about each Bible study program, see the following

slides or email us below for more information or to sign up. 

"We can't live
the Christian life
well in isolation."

—Lisa Brenninkmeyer, WWP founder

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